Trade NFT safely without connecting your wallet
1Get Trading CodeObtain trading code and give it to your counterparty then wait for the user to enter the code to begin trading session. Session will be locked once both parties has enter the session. 2Send NFT to AM walletAM (automated middleman) wallet will appear at the start of trading session. Both party should send NFT to this wallet address. AM will hold the NFTs during the trading session. 3Review and AcceptInformation of the NFT will be displayed for both users. If both users accept the trade, AM will send the NFT to complete the trade. If trading fails for any reason, NFT will be send back to sender's wallet immediately.
Start Trading
Initiate a trade by obtaining a trading code.
Join a trading session by using trading code.
Enter Your NFT Wallet Addressclose
Note: NFT sender wallet and the wallet address above has to be the same.
Enter Your Trading Codeclose
Note: If you are the Trade initiator or do not have Trading Code use Get Trading Code